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Jacob Helwig @jhelwig

Seems like there's probably some happy middle-ground between "I'm the only one here", and "ZOMG ALL THE TOOTS" with the inhabitant size of an instance.

Only only one there means local timeline and searching for tagged posts are useless, but the federated timeline feels curated.

Being on the biggest node feels like it would be the opposite problem (can't confirm as I run my own instance): Local and federated are firehoses, but tag searching is useful.

Maybe just need to be better connected?

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Ugh...of course I miss a big typo there that would have prevented needing to make another edit to the post. :expressionless:

@jhelwig connections here are hard, there are a small number of practically screaming people, and few of the personalities I love from twitter. reminds me of google+

@jhelwig wait, what sort of algorithmic timeline bullshit does this thing do? your post from 5 hours ago just randomly appeared under my 'home' tab.

@tekniklr None. It's all message queue processing delays.