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@tekniklr Not sure you have permission, or not sure you have the mindset/knowledge?

@tekniklr So, wouldn’t the Mastodon version of shitposting be “sharting”? @zenhob

@BrianEnigma Serious question, or just goofing while pointing out some of the silly design choices?

@zenhob Been meaning to check them out, especially with how close they are to my office.

@nfagerlund That's disappointing to hear. CrossCode has been on my list of games to check out for a while now. 😞

@kenichi Haven’t seen that happen, but I don’t remember ever manually accepting an invite on a day I marked as OOO. That said, the behavior you described would not surprise me at all given how intrusive/buggy Goog behavior usually is for me. 😞

@nfagerlund no exact age here, but the timing of some of the things he’s worked on suggest a fair bit older than that to me. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lucas_Po

Slow WiFi _and_ low water pressure definitely affects my desire to head back East for the holidays. awoo.space/@Fuego/101298088785

@demophoon Yeah, I’ve used it to play PS4 games away from home before. It works really well even not over the LAN.

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I've added a statement to linuxwit.ch/blog/2018/12/e98e/ regarding github staff disabling the repository.

@tekniklr There’s always the RiffTrax Twitch channel.

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Happy 31st anniversary to the Max Headroom Broadcast Interruption

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Yesterday I officially launched my Patreon to support work on Calagator, an open source community calendar platform. Details here: lifeofaudrey.com/2018/10/24/ca

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long thread: The Truth About The American Middle Class Show more

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Don't use Airbnb.
No really, don't use Airbnb.

Hotels are regulated in ways that protect *you*, the person who stays in them. Airbnb's profits come from arbitrage: it skips the cost of adhering to the regulations.

@zenhob Well there’s a fork in the road on where this discussion could go, but but there’s definitely shared history. Talking about the band slimegirls.bandcamp.com/ or the thing the band shares a name with tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php ?