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I've added a statement to linuxwit.ch/blog/2018/12/e98e/ regarding github staff disabling the repository.

@tekniklr There’s always the RiffTrax Twitch channel.

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Happy 31st anniversary to the Max Headroom Broadcast Interruption

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Yesterday I officially launched my Patreon to support work on Calagator, an open source community calendar platform. Details here: lifeofaudrey.com/2018/10/24/ca

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long thread: The Truth About The American Middle Class Show more

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Don't use Airbnb.
No really, don't use Airbnb.

Hotels are regulated in ways that protect *you*, the person who stays in them. Airbnb's profits come from arbitrage: it skips the cost of adhering to the regulations.

@zenhob Well there’s a fork in the road on where this discussion could go, but but there’s definitely shared history. Talking about the band slimegirls.bandcamp.com/ or the thing the band shares a name with tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php ?

@zenhob How serious of a question is this?

@audrey VCV Rack is quite the rabbit hole to jump down. O_O

@lindseyb Massive 💙 to everyone that’s been dealing with the GH outage. From seeing how long things were going on on the status page, that must have been quite a doozy on the inside.

@audrey Somewhat related: I was curious what you were using when you were working on the songs you put on SoundCloud?

@tekniklr Can’t be a crazy cat person without a cat!

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If you like open source alternatives Show more

@lindseyb I’ve yet to be convinced that it actually solves any of the issues that I’ve seen it claim to address. It feels like someone made a better wrench, and is going around claiming they’ve created the greatest nail gun ever (and people are taking their claim at face value). I haven’t used it enough to say it’s completely bad, but I’ve seen enough to know it really doesn’t do what it says on the tin. So... You’re not entirely alone there?

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why organize tech workers? Show more