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Finally saw the trailer for Return of the Obra Dinn, and I do not have words for the uncanny feeling of seeing That cd-rom-games-on-the-one-school-library-macintosh-in-second-grade graphics style suddenly jolt into too-fluid motion. Weird dreamtime shit.

Also, I haven’t looked this up yet but I’m gonna say the developer was definitely born between ‘79 and ‘83, and prrrobably between March ‘81 and Jan ‘82. Only a member of my exact quarter-balanced-on-its-edge micro-generation could have done this; it wouldn’t even occur to a proper gen-x-er or a proper millennial.

Jacob Helwig @jhelwig

@nfagerlund no exact age here, but the timing of some of the things he’s worked on suggest a fair bit older than that to me. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lucas_Po

@jhelwig oh hmm!! So he’d have to have finished a total conversion mod and followed through w/ a retail release as a 16-yr-old... which is plausible, but uhhhh unusual. So you’re probably right and it’s more like ‘77.